Student Reflection

Coming from San Jose with no GPS and no idea as to where I was going, I found myself driving to Marin until I landed in Green Gulch Farm. A Zen monk named Reb Anderson was offering the Dharma talk that day. I sat in the front, not knowing what I am getting into. My gaze was captured and I listened attentively.

Soon after, I started my study with Reb at No Abode. For the past 12 years, every sitting was profound, amazing. It looked like nothing was happening at the same time everything was happening. Little by little, things were sinking in and I was melting away. My mind became clearer, my understanding was polished as I listened to his teaching and Q&As. I became happier, more joyful and grounded.

I am grateful to Reb for introducing such an inconceivable way to my world. I wish to share this with my community as long as I am alive

Homa Goodarzi


I have been studying with Tenshin Roshi since 2000. We first met when I visited GGF with a friend. We attended a Koan class and a Sunday talk. I felt deeply touched by the teachings and by the Persona Reb Anderson.

During service we chanted the Genjo Koan and I was enchanted!

One morning we went working in the fields and it happened that Reb was walking with me all the way back and started talking to me, which was intense and I got scared, it took me 5 years until I was ready to participate a retreat, the January Intensive, to face this relationship, from that day on, actually I don’t know when it started, it continues and changes.

We met and practiced together at GGF, Felsentor, Gaia House, Tassajara, Sweden and Germany. All these places that come alive by practicing together, it has transformed my life, it is beyond words.

I do not know what kind of relationship this is, it is a “deep mystery”, which is my Dharma name, given to me by him on the event of Jukai in 2003, which was a moment of deep commitment to Tenshin Roshi.

I am deeply grateful and I wish that this continues endlessly.

Barbara Kökenhoff


I’ve been a student of Reb since 1994 when I received the Precepts from him. All I can say is to repeat what I have told him over the years, thank you for giving me a life worth living. Receiving the precepts was like stepping through a doorway into the vast universe and throughout 25 years, Tenshin Roshi has been my guide. There are no words to adequately describe the journey. The candor, humor, artistry, fearlessness and love, all wrapped in and indistinguishable from the Dharma. It’s been an honor and his embodiment of the Dharma is as fierce and alive as it was 25 years ago.
Tiger Eye, Mysterious Silence

31 December 1994

My Teacher Tenshin Reb Anderson
I first encountered Reb right after I moved to San Francisco in 1978 after several years of formal Soto Zen practice in New York City. Along with regular zazen at Page Street, I quickly started taking Reb’s courses on Dogen, Abhidharma, and a little later on Zen texts, back then with modest numbers of students. Later I was honored to be in Reb’s first lay ordination and then his first priest ordination group. Reb is unusually astute about a wide range of Buddhist teachings, and how to convey their relevance to modern practitioners. Reb’s classes encouraged my deepening study informed by practice, which helped lead me eventually to translate and write a number of books about our Soto Dharma tradition, a couple of which were graced by Reb’s kind forewords. Beyond his sharing love of Dharma, I am endlessly grateful to Reb for many meetings face-to-face. On several occasions, when I truly needed and deserved it, Reb gave me a very difficult time. But always I appreciated his relentless warmth and his clear commitment to see me through and through. Thanks to Reb’s kindness and his extraordinary patience, I am grateful to be sharing awakening teaching.
Taigen Dan Leighton


Reb is a Buddha sitting on a Lotus blossom. He appears in response to beings. Our relationship is a call and response; an asking and an answer which illustrates the dynamic working of the world. It is a constant meeting. Reb is an example of selfless devotion and tireless practice. How did I get so lucky? I love Reb, and am endlessly grateful for his answering my call and that I heard his. May I too, be a bodhisattva in this world.

There is a cloud, too,
That will become a Buddha;
Flower of the lotus.


Seigen Fukukai (Clear Eyes, Ocean of Blessing)
Student of Reb Anderson since the mid-1990s
Jukai- 1997
Priest Ordination- 2000
Shuso- 2013

Bert Dyer