Dharma Words for Eye Opening and Empowerment Ceremony

for a Statue of Shakyamuni Buddha
No Abode, June 14, 2008

In this drifting fleeting life, fame and profit exist only for a moment. Why need we wait for eons for the causes and conditions of Nirvana? Our ancestors who have attained the way and verified the fruit, quickly abandoned fame and gain for the mountains and wild waters. Wise ones who have reached the other shore and entered the rank of buddha rapidly took themselves to the forests and streams. Doesn’t this seem excellent for grasping the great matter?

But I do not yearn for the mountains and forests, and do not wish to depart from the neighborhoods of humans. Lotus flowers bloom within the bright furnace. Above the blue sky there is a bitter eucalyptus. So I deeply appreciate this simple place of No Abode, which has now, somehow, become rather stunningly bright and colorful. May we continue to wholeheartedly enjoy swimming together with fish in illusion.