Early Talk Transcriptions and Video

Talk Transcriptions

The following are student transcriptions of talks offered by Tenshin Roshi in sesshin and other intensive practice contexts.

Watching the Teacher (link)
Teachings on Death (link)
Freedom from Temporality (link)
Karma and Freedom (link)
Renunciation Houston Zen Center (link)
January Intensive Dharma Talk (link)
January Intensive Class Three (link)
We Have to Meet a Buddha (link)
Buddha’s Meditation and the Study of Karma (link)
The River and the Road (link)
The Great Vow of Wholeheartedness (link)
Tiredness Talk Translation (link)
Question and Answer (link)

Video Talks

A group of talks given by Tenshin Roshi at Esalen Institute in 1984 and 1986.

Discussion in Grof Workshop (link)
Zen is the Key to Unlock the Teachings (link)
The Heart of Nothing (link)
The Whole Works (link)
Transcendence of and Return to the World (link)

Practice Video

A video of Tenshin Roshi doing walking meditation, kinhin (link)